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PSP- The Ultimate Handheld Gaming System

by: Jack Colton


The PSP is the ultimate in handheld gaming platforms. What you hold in your hands with the Sony PSP is a superb gaming platform with incredible graphics, pinpoint clear details and a large, hi-def widescreen of 4.3 inches. This may not sound like a large screen but is the widest screen available. With the quality of the graphics, you'll feel like it's much larger.

The PSP has so many incredible functions, making it the only toy you might want or need.

The obvious function it has is superb gaming abilities, with the great graphics and audio. The console is also very user friendly, with comfortable handholds and easy use of controls. There are so many games to choose from, not only to beg, borrow or buy, but also to download. An example of a great download site is the PSPBlender.

The PSP has many other download capabilities such as music, videos, DVDs, photos, text, and even your favorite tv shows. You can even download movie trailers to view with your friends. It's a great way to figure out what movie to go to on a Friday night.

Downloading to the PSP is an easy thing to do. Mant of the download sites give you easy instructions, thousands of downloads to choose from and great technical support. Make sure you use a reputable site, preferably one that charges a one-time fee for endless downloads. It's important to make sure they have the helpful technical support, often 24/7.

Another way to download is directly from your PC. You can download and view your favorite photos, free wallpapers, videos and your favorite music, with only a few extra items neede such as a USB cable with a mini-B connector. You may also want to get o Pro-duo memory stick. A great place to buy these extras is from eBay.

With the many functions, superb visuals and audio, easy downloads and comfort in use, it is a no brainer that the Sony PSP far outshines anything else on the market.

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